TDE Recycling GmbH

Gewerbegebiet im Vorwerk 22
36456 Barchfeld
Tel: +49 36961 – 46016
Fax: +49 36961 – 46017

TDE-Recycling GmbH Barchfeld is a company based in southern Thuringia that deals with the dismantling/recycling of electrical and electronic scrap as well as the recycling of waste. TDE-Recycling GmbH has been a QMS (certified in compliance with DIN ISO 9002) certified waste management company since March 3, 1998. TDE-Recycling was officially authorised to use the "Recognised treatment plant in accordance with the Electrical Act" designation for Collection groups 1, 3 and 5 on February 20, 2006.
In 2002/03 and again in 2007, TDE-Recycling GmbH won "Ecoprofit" awards and they participate in the sustainability agreement in the state of Thuringia. TDE-Recycling is a competent partner and service provider for environmentally-friendly recycling of electronic scrap.

Description of the services provided by TDE-Recycling GmbH:
Electrical scrap