RELUX has set itself the task of making an important contribution to environmental protection through self-contained material cycles.

An overall concept was developed for producing sustainable and resource-saving secondary raw materials in conjunction with reliable waste treatment, with the aim of recycling high-quality raw materials and other materials into the plant network.

The services provided by Relux include a very wide range of recycling and disposal options. The skills and services are subdivided into different parts of the company based on the very specific processing and production methods that have to be used and with optimum orientation to meeting the customer's requirements.

Relux can provide services ranging from electronic scrap recycling, battery recycling, plastics recycling together with the production of recyclates such as ground materials or agglomerates, the production of alternative fuels, hospital waste disposal as well as mine backfilling and dump re-cultivation.

The subpages included here provide detailed information about the relevant performance ranges of our recycling and raw material supplies. Is what you are looking for not shown here? Don't hesitate to contact us directly! Our service network frequently enables us to provide attractive and reliable solutions, even if they are not (yet) available in our own plants.