Energy from waste

Alternative and secondary fuels play a major role in the sustainable and CO2-friendly energy supplies for households and industry.

By using state-of-the-art technology, alternative and secondary fuels are produced at the Relux plant in Premnitz and at various locations belonging to our partners from waste that cannot be recycled economically or technically. The plant processes waste of various kinds, ranging from cellulose to textile fibres, composite materials such as paper and plastic, packaging and hard plastics and also sorts waste and pre-prepared commercial and household waste and markets it as energy sources.

All of the waste passes through a defined production process: The incoming materials are inspected and tested for parameters such as calorific value, chlorine and heavy metals. Compliance with all legal regulations and official requirements is ensured through our own and external controls. Processing and sorting, if necessary, takes place after the inlet inspection.

Subsequently, large-volume materials are mechanically crushed and processed into a defined mixture of different types of input materials. This is followed by multi-stage crushing. Valuable secondary fuels are produced from the waste by the end of the production process.

We work exclusively with our competent and reliable partners with regard to thermal waste recycling. If required, we can also develop new fuel qualities to meet the increasing demands in  new application areas.

Our partner in this sector
Relux Recycling GmbH & Co. KG