Protecting nature and the landscape

Relux Umwelt, with its investments in the DEUSA International subsidiary NDHE and Menteroda Recycling, is taking over the re-cultivation of existing waste dumps created by salt mining at the Bleicherode and Menteroda mines. Authorised soil and specific mineral waste are accepted for recovery there.

The objectives of stockpile re-cultivation are to reduce the salt load in groundwater and to improve the landscape by re-cultivating the dump, which is hostile to plants. Re-cultivation at the Bleicherode and Menteroda sites began in 1991 after production of potash fertilizer was discontinued.

Rain water is kept away from the water-soluble salt layer through innovative methods such as the incorporation of substrate mixtures from both organic and mineral waste and the creation of salt solution is minimised. Each of the dump sites guarantee an acceptance capacity of more than 300,000 tons per year. The high acceptance capacity ensures the necessary safety of recycled waste. The salt input into the groundwater was reduced by at least 95% after the re-cultivation measures were completed.

The approved types of waste for acceptance as part of the dump re-cultivation can be found in our download section in the certificates issued to the specialist waste management company for both the Menteroda and Bleicherode sites.

According to expert assessments, an area about the size of Lake Constance is sealed annually in Germany by various construction measures. Dump re-cultivation helps to eliminate ecological damage to the landscape, thereby creating a new piece of nature. Dump re-cultivation is based on scientific studies of the pilot project  called "Development of a method for the re-cultivation of potash residues", which was supported by the German Federal Environmental Foundation in Osnabrück. The research project was carried out under project management by K-UTEC Sondershausen and with participants from the University of Göttingen, the Comprehensive University in Kassel, the Technical University in Clausthal as well as Dr Schaef from the mining college in Freiberg. Further information can be found on our partner companies' websites.

Our partners in this sector:
NDH-Entsorgungsbetreibergesellschaft Bleicherode
Menteroda Recycling GmbH