Disposed of safely

The teuto disposal service for medical facilities specialises in hospital waste disposal. Teuto disposes of medical waste from around 2,000 medical practices, clinics, hospitals and laboratories throughout Germany, making it one of the leading service providers in this sector. Special containers are used to collect infectious waste, body parts and organ waste, fixer and developer, cytostatics and other typical medical waste. Modern disposal logistics are used and the containers are carried out by trained specialists and they are then transported to approved disposal facilities for further treatment. Large and small waste accumulations can be disposed of reliably and as required.

Teuto hospital waste disposal is certified as a specialist disposal company. You will find the relevant certificate including the approved types of waste in the download section of our website.

Further information about teuto and the services they provide can be found on the partner page linked below and the company's website listed there.

Our partner in this sector
teuto-entsorgung GmbH