Safe recycling of dusts, sludges, etc.

Relux Umwelt GmbH is a shareholder in DEUSA International GmbH, and its subsidiary NDH-E operates the former Bleicherode and Sollstedt potash mines as backfilling mines for the recycling of waste.

A cavity volume of more than 7 million cubic metres has been created through more than 90 years of salt mining. Our qualified personnel and the use of modern technical equipment guarantee safe and environmentally friendly recycling of spent waste.

The material properties of the waste being recycled can be diverse. Delivery of dusty, moist, pasty and solid waste is possible due to the use of variable receiving systems. For example, suitable waste for recovery include filter dust, solid wastes from thermal plants, sludge, filter cake and contaminated soil.

The type of backfill is determined by the quality of the waste and the opinion of the experts. A distinction is made between big bag backfilling and hydraulic backfilling. Relux provides their customers with intensive advice and supports them through the necessary analytics. The owner of the waste can quickly obtain reliable information about suitable disposal methods.

Big-bag backfilling

In the big bag packaging plant, individual waste materials of the most varied consistency can be accepted, conditioned and packaged and filled big bags can be either directly backfilled or emptied.

Hydraulic backfilling

The waste for recycling as hydraulic backfill is accepted as silo goods or bulk material. A backfill mixture is produced according to a specific recipe, mixed with pit lye and then pumped into the shaft via special piping systems and flushed into the underground cavities. The hardened backfill mixture forms a unit with the in situ salt rock.

Our partner in this sector:
NDH-Entsorgungsbetreibergesellschaft Bleicherode