Composite railroad ties

Pioonier GmbH is a fast-growing manufacturer of railroad ties. The railroad ties are made from recycled plastics under a patented process. Pioonier GmbH manufactures high-quality railroad ties in order to meet the needs and wishes of European railway operators and approval authorities. A series of composite railroad ties have been developed in conjunction with DB Netz AG that meet the requirements of Deutsche Bahn and the Federal Railway Authority.

The railroad ties are made from sorted and selected recycled plastics. The patented production technology guarantees high quality railroad ties at attractive costs. This means that we can guarantee a good price / performance ratio. The railroad ties are also highly resistant to all climatic conditions. They represent environmental protection as they are a sustainable product.

These railroad ties can be used throughout the entire railway construction process, e.g. as main-track ties, track switching ties or as bridge ties. This new generation of railroad ties is more environmentally-friendly, more sustainable and more durable than any previously made railroad ties. This railroad tie is even more environmentally-friendly and is also well suited for use over long distances thanks to perfected production technology.

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