Electrical scrap

How do you actually dispose of electrical scrap? What is the correct way to dispose of it?

TDE Recycling will show you how to do it correctly. Several options exist for disposing of electrical scrap. The amount of electrical scrap is always important. If you have a normal household amount of electrical scrap, you can usually take it to a regional collection point. Specialist electrical retailers often accept electrical scrap as well. Or you can bring straight to us. We will be pleased to make you a non-binding offer for commercial quantities.

What actually counts as electrical scrap? Electrical or electronic devices with cables or batteries as well as electrical or electronic components. What does not count as electrical scrap are large industrial tools, large plants, incandescent lamps and mobile machinery. We will be happy to help you find somewhere else to take it to. Just contact us.

What is great about electrical scrap being disposed of by Relux? We recycle your electrical scrap in an environmentally-friendly way! Careful manual dismantling of old equipment and electrotechnical systems is the core of our electrical scrap recycling process. The main task is removing problematic substances and recovering components made from specific materials.

Relux sub-divides all of the old electrical appliances into more than 30 different material fractions. Separate fractions such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals and some plastics are already separated in their pure form and they can easily be reintroduced into the economic cycle.

Metallic composites, such as transformers, circuit boards or coils, are also fed in for further processing through subsequent operations, as they cannot be stripped apart manually. The recyclable materials that are present are separated for further processing.

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