High-quality recycling

Relux Kunststofftechnik supplies its own production of plastic profiles, such as dredging mats or railroad sleepers, itself with recyclates, which are produced under quality control in its own modern processing plant. The political and social demands placed on the recycling of plastics are increasing enormously. This is due either to the sharply increasing quotas for material recycling of plastic packaging in Germany and Europe or the European plastics strategy, which demands the mandatory use of recycled plastic: Relux provides solutions for the recycling of used plastic packaging to the distributors of plastic packaging and their agents, such as take-back systems used throughout Europe - way beyond the high-quality mono-fractions from trade and industry. Recycling of mixed plastic waste and foils is essential in order to sustainably conserve resources, make a long-term contribution to environmental and climate protection and to meet the legal requirements. Plastics recycling is one of the most important future tasks for the plastics industry and Relux stands by the side of its customers as their partner. 

Material recycling of mixed plastics and foils from used packaging is one of the major challenges facing the European recycling industry. RELUX uses these incoming materials, which are procured throughout Europe according to its own quality specifications, to produce high-quality agglomerates and ground materials according to specific customer requirements. Plastics are used in virtually every industrial sector. The reason for the widespread use of plastics lies in their diverse application options. Plastics are produced from fossilised raw materials during complex processes. However, fossilised resources are limited. Recycling and processing plastic waste is therefore essential. Sustainably conserving resources will make a long-term contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Relux acquires plastics from the recycling economy and they are crushed in complex processes, purified and processed into agglomerates and ground materials that improves and changes their production properties through systematic material mixtures. The changed product properties include the flow properties, the elasticity or the impact resistance. The secondary raw materials are produced in a process-safe and high-quality way to meet the requirements of our customers. 

The recyclates produced by Relux are used as full substitutes for other primary raw materials by manufacturing companies. This is how Relux supports the plastics industry and the authorised return systems in fulfilling the legal and social recycliong requirements.

The processes are monitored and certified both as part of our quality management system and as part of the recycling requirements in accordance with the Packaging Act and EUCertPlast and this also creates the conditions for using the raw materials in products bearing the Blue Angel symbol.

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