Safeguarding resources through innovation

In conjunction with the RWTH (Rheinisch - Westfälische Technische Hochschule) in Aachen, Mekon has developed and set up a technical process for processing metal-containing residual materials at their Salzgitter site. Fractions from metal processing companies as well as fractions from waste treatment plants are also processed there. Examples of fractions that they process include heavy fraction shredding, MBA scrap, aluminium shredding or VA shredding.

Mekon's objective as a certified waste management company is the pure recovery and high-quality recycling of specific non-ferrous metals and the recovery of metal-free residual materials. 

The non-ferrous metals are returned to the material cycle as high-quality secondary raw materials. 

The treatment plant's design was based on the special features of the incoming materials. The materials are processed in a multi-stage treatment process. Sensor-based sorting machines are also used as well as screening, air separation and electromagnetic systems.

Mekon can collect the waste for recycling directly from the producer and also organise the logistics. Furthermore, contract processing / reworking is also possible, whereby the owner of the waste can then bring the high-quality non-ferrous metal fractions that were generated to the recycling process himself.

Our partner in this sector is
Metall-Konzentrat und Recycling GmbH (Mekon)